Lacey in Vondelpark

Public parks are among my favorite things. Plants and green spaces right in the middle of urban sprawl? Yes please. The Vondelpark in Amsterdam is MASSIVE: 120 acres of grass, water features, plants, and playgrounds, planted in an already beautiful capital city. Lacey and I got to hang out there for an afternoon, and weContinue reading “Lacey in Vondelpark”

Visitors in Durham

My cousin and his AWESOME girlfriend came to visit me in Durham for a weekend this spring! We had a blast and beautiful weather. Activities included food at Dame’s Chicken and Waffles (their gluten free menu is lacking, unfortunately), a walk in the gardens, and a local carnival that we happened to drive past onContinue reading “Visitors in Durham”

stop & smell the flowers

I LOVE having fresh flowers at home (it’s a side effect of having lived in Germany, I think–flowers are super cheap and abundant there), and Easter is a perfect excuse for me to fill our apartment with flowers. Spring is my second favorite season, and I’m celebrating even as I slowly drown in the last few projectsContinue reading “stop & smell the flowers”