about me

photographer. marketer. color enthusiast. Duke mechanical engineering graduate.

As a Person

I graduated in 2017 with a mechanical engineering degree from Duke, and I moved to St. Louis, MO, in the fall to pursue my career in marketing. My fiancé, Alex, and I moved to Lexington, Kentucky, in 2021 and we are thrilled to be settling down in the Bluegrass State for the better part of this decade.

I like to provide efficient, effective, and elegant solutions. For more information about my other qualifications, please feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.

As a Photographer

I got started with photography when my family moved from the suburbs of Detroit to Bonn, Germany, when I was in high school. Suddenly, there were some incredible things and once-in-a-lifetime experiences to photograph, and I LOVED it. I was the editor of my high school yearbook, and I was the editor of my college yearbook for two years. The Chanticleer and, with it, photography, were the defining characteristics of my college experience.

I love capturing unforgettable moments, whether it’s a Grayson Allen dunk in Cameron (sorry, Kentucky, it’s in my blood) or my best friend’s proposal, but I also love the little things, like the look on my mom’s face when she realized we were out of tin foil the day before Thanksgiving.

The big moments are ones we all love to remember, and the little moments are the things we hope we don’t forget.

I would love to help capture both the little things and the big things for you and your loved ones.

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