Lacey & Alex: Engaged!

My best friend is marrying the love of her life three months from TODAY! I’m so glad I got to hang out with Lacey and Alex for a few pictures before I move to St. Louis, and I’m so glad they found this great spot! Almost all of these pictures were taken in the sameContinue reading “Lacey & Alex: Engaged!”

Densmore Family

The Densmore family was the first family I photographed in the fall, and I got to hang out with them again in May! We spent a morning at the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science, which I was thrilled to do because who doesn’t love a good butterfly house? I love taking family picturesContinue reading “Densmore Family”

Alex: Class of 2017

Alex spent four years pouring his life and time into two things: football and academics. He is a student-athlete, a future doctor, and an incredible, brilliant young man. I’m so glad he agreed to wake up for a very early morning photoshoot with me to celebrate our graduation from Duke in May.

Jordan: Class of 2017

Graduation is a major life milestone, and major life milestones deserve pictures. My good friend Jordan graduated from Duke with a degree in linguistics, so he’d be much better at writing something eloquent to put here. I never would’ve gotten through my four years at Duke without friends like Jordan, and I’m so excited toContinue reading “Jordan: Class of 2017”

Lauren & Jonathan: Headshots

With real life looming after graduation, it seems like everyone suddenly has a professional corporate headshot instead of a profile picture on Facebook. I was fortunate to get to hang out with my brilliant cousin and her equally brilliant boyfriend to grab a few quick shots of each for applications and their portfolios as ~realContinue reading “Lauren & Jonathan: Headshots”

Clark Family

I was super nervous heading into my first-ever session with people who weren’t friends or family, and left having made new friends and feeling FANTASTIC about the images we created together! Golden hour + a strawberry farm + a beautiful family = magic. The Clarks have been such a blessing to me, from their easygoingContinue reading “Clark Family”

campus lens

Duke’s campus is one of my favorite places to be, ever. Springtime at Duke is undeniably gorgeous (if you ignore midterms), and I carry my camera with me everywhere because I just can’t help it. I have an extra appreciation for campus right now as I’m heading into graduation and the decision of whether or not I’llContinue reading “campus lens”