Funny people practicing

Part of my campus job is to photograph and highlight on-campus events, spread awareness of campus offerings, and encourage students to attend events. I showed up about an hour and a half early to a joint show between an improv comedy group and an a capella group, and caught part of their rehearsal! Theater lightingContinue reading “Funny people practicing”

Wyatt Rivers

Do I get to say “I’m with the band” if I only sometimes take the musician’s picture? When a good friend of mine announced that he was going to record a solo album, I jumped at the chance to work on his press kit photos. Wyatt is a great guy (and he’s single, ladies!) andContinue reading “Wyatt Rivers”

Densmore Family

I’ve known Charlie Densmore since before I started class at Duke University, and I met his beautiful wife and three children on spring break my freshman year. Fast forward a few years, and the Densmore clan has added another wonderful little boy, and they let me take their family pictures! It’s definitely all downhill forContinue reading “Densmore Family”

Lacey & Alex: Engaged!

It’s not very often that your best friend gets engaged. It’s even less often that her boyfriend invites you to go take sneaky pictures of the proposal! I was SO EXCITED to help Alex plan the perfect proposal for Lacey, and even more excited and honored to get to play a small part in theContinue reading “Lacey & Alex: Engaged!”