An Amsterdam Adventure

My family is moving back to the U.S. this summer after six years of living in Germany, and I’ve been realizing how many places I HAVEN’T been yet, even though they’re super close. Although I’ve flown through the Amsterdam airport and everyone in my family has been, somehow I hadn’t actually “done” Amsterdam–until this summer! My best friend and I drove the three hours up and got to enjoy a beautiful two days in a beautiful city. Canal cities are so cool, and I ate the same sandwich for brunch both mornings. I enthusiastically recommend (and would return to Amsterdam exclusively to eat at) Singel 404, which we just stumbled upon when we were hungry and wandering around! Delicious, gluten free, goat cheese, cheap–what more could a girl ask for? Oh, and we got to sit next to a canal outside to eat, so it was perfect.

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photographer. content creator. color enthusiast. former engineer.

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