Clark Family: Parents Edition

Whenever I shoot a family session, I always try to get a few pictures of just the couple, and of each parent individually if they’ll let me. Most couples don’t regularly have photos done, and especially after a couple has children, it’s rare for there to be any pictures of just them. Usually, at least one parent is behind the camera. I think it’s important to document parents as well as children, because when kids grow up, they’ll want to see what their parents (or grandparents!) looked like 10, 20, 30 years ago when they weren’t in a wedding dress or holding a baby.

The Clarks were so sweet to let me do a quick mini “couples shoot” while their kids were busy picking strawberries at the Waller Family Farm! There are also a few pictures of each parent individually and with each kid, because I know from experience how tricky it can be to get that perfect picture for Mother’s and Father’s Day without any of your siblings in it ūüėČ


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